Dexter Finale

Be warned: Spoilers abound

Well, it took my video about 40 minutes to load less than half of the episode. God, I’m dedicated to watching this show. My goal was to go to bed at 11:30 or 12 and be super well rested when I woke up to do work on finals. It is 9:30 in the morning as I’m writing this and I’m exhausted, unmotivated, and Dextually frustrated. I get really angsty when I have to wait a year to watch more of a show, and also super angsty when my pairing of choice crashes and burns.

Overall I liked the episode and I’m definitely happier with things turning out this way instead of Lumen dying “poetically” this season. When Jordan Chase talked about this potentially happening, that’s when I really knew the writers were giving us a little nod. Like, “Don’t worry, folks, we are not that fucking annoying.”

I just hate how sometimes on shows I can’t tell if the writers do something because it’s true to the character or because the actor needs to leave/they want the actor to leave. That’s why I’m not entirely convinced about the Lumen thing. The whole scene where they’re on the boat together was breathtakingly beautiful, and Julia Stiles face was just animated and joyous. Such an amazing actress. It just seemed like so abrupt that Lumen would suddenly wake up and be cured of her darkness and suddenly be unable to deal with the fact that Dexter is still dark and going to do his thing. I mean I guess it’d be kinda weird if she stuck around and knew sometimes Dexter was out killing people, but what they did together was kind of weird and unorthodox too, so there’s really not much of a line to cross weirdness wise.

It’s frustrating because I can’t see anyone else being right for Dexter now, and I’m just praying they bring her back at the end of the series or something, because they are still the best. I also hated that they used Chase to hint that Lumen wasn’t going to stick around. When he started talking about how they just thought they were in love cause they were traumatized and shared a common enemy, I got this sinking feeling. The writers were officially trying to plant a seed of doubting the best couple on the show. That really pissed me off. Do you really think I’m going to listen to anything Jordan Chase says? He is a total dick and a half, and I would rather the writers not try to pat me on the back and be like, “See? It’s totally okay that Lumen leaves, cause you know, Jordan pointed out the truth about them.” What the balls? This is annoying, writers; don’t pull that shit with me again.

Dexter’s voiceover at the end totally got me, though. “Look at everyone connecting with another human being like it’s not the hardest thing in the world.” GAH! I know, Dex, right?? But it was also really moving when he talks about what Lumen gave to him, and you just know she had so much of an impact on him.

Oh man, and as for Quinn and Deb, I mean, I’m down with them. I think Quinn is a babe and a half and not all that bad and obviously Deb is incredible. I super a lot hated the way Quinn awkwardly worked in the “Are we a couple still” question at the beginning when he and Deb are talking about the vigilante couple. “Which couple is going to get to Chase first? I mean, if we’re still a couple…” Ew, Quinn/people who write Quinn’s lines, shut up. But can we talk about how adorable Quinn looked sitting in the police car while Deb and Laguerta are talking about him and the cops are taking Quinn’s bloody shoe off. He looked like a chastised child while he was pouting. Loved it.

I do love how the writers set a lot of things in this episode up. How it totally looked like Quinn did it. They reallllly plan this stuff out, which is so impressive.

It was also really touching when he wouldn’t tell Deb the truth, that it was Dexter they were spying on. That’s when I was really sold on Quinn. I was very pleased he showed up at the birthday party and that Dexter tampered with evidence and such. Hoorah!

More importantly, though, Deb’s speech to Lumen and Dexter was amazing. That whole scene was amazing. I realized pretty quickly how the scene was going to play out, but that was okay because the show did such a great job of setting it up for her to let them leave. During the whole case Deb is totally on the vigilantes side, she understands what Lumen went through, it was just so great and in character and not forced. And I always am a sucker for scenes like this. I love that Deb had no idea that she was telling this to Dexter and his “tenant”, and I love that Dexter just knows Deb is the greatest person ever and loves her even more if that’s possible. So much love.

It was so “Dexter” when the whole family shows up when he’s walking out the door trying to save Lumen’s life. And also when he has to go to the crime scene, and I’m just on my bed curled up in a ball of frustration.

I’m still not thrilled about Lumen leaving so abruptly. I think if anything it would have made more sense if she tried to stay and then realized she had to start her life over again. This was just a little too rushed and felt more like the show needing to write Julia Stiles off quickly. Her absence from Harrison’s birthday party did allow for a nice scene between Astor and Dexter. It’s great that the kids didn’t just disappear into some abyss after Rita died, I applaud the writers for keeping them in the picture.

All in all this was definitely an incredible season of Dexter, one of my favorites by far. I’m not going to let my mixed feelings about the finale taint how much enjoyment I got from the rest of the season. There were a lot of incredible moments that actually made my heart stop. Not to be totally dramatic or anything. The first time Dexter and Lumen get together…I died. So for that, I give this season a huge, shiny gold medal.


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