Least Surprising Thing Ever: Gaga’s “Born This Way” Will be on “Glee”

The other day I was discussing Lady Gaga’s new song Born This Way with a friend of mine, and one of the first things I said was, “This sounds like a song that was tailor made for ‘Glee’.”

“Oh,” He responded, “They already approved the rights to be on the show.”

A quick Google search revealed that they’re already planning to feature the song. Wow. I was hosting an awards ceremony in my room this morning, and I totally forgot the Most Unsurprising Thing Ever award, but that totally would have won. Well, that and that Lance Bass was gay. Dated joke? Sorry, I’m a little rusty today.

This is precisely why I’ve totally lost interest in Glee. It’s just this obnoxious show that makes a huge deal out of itself and everyone in the media makes this huge deal, and it’s just not that fucking great anymore. But now everyone wants to write songs that they know will be featured on Glee. Artists figure they can throw some lyrics together about girl power/friendship/unrequited love/being gay/being Asian/being on the football team and that it would be soooo perfect if one of the Glee kids sang it.

Also, I’m sick of hearing how epic it is that Glee has a gay teenager. Bow down before Ryan Murphy, everyone, he featured a gay character in his show. I just have to say: Kurt is a walking cliché, and sometimes I just can’t stand it. He was always a character I really liked, but let’s not act like he’s some sort of unique snowflake. His character is still just reinforcing so many many stereotypes. Believe me, I know gay guys a lot like Kurt, but I also know gay guys who are what you’d deem a typical “dude”. So don’t write me “Entertainment Weekly” articles licking Murphy’s balls about how groundbreaking this show is. They still probably will shy away from Kurt and his love interest making out the way the heterosexual couples on the show do. Shows like United States of Tara and Skins (U.K., don’t even get me started on the American one) do a way better (and interesting) job at portraying gay characters.

It also irks me that the plot and songs don’t seem to be organic anymore; it all just feels so…forced. It’s like the writers just decide they need to do an episode that features all Britney/Madonna/Biebs and then the plot just sort of has to conform around the songs they want to do. I didn’t feel like that so much with the first season, I don’t know why. But now it all just feels so imposed.

And artists creating songs that they think will be perfect to be featured on Glee also reveals how formulaic the show is becoming in regards to musical choice. The fact that it’s so easy to predict that Born This Way will be on Glee is sad. When the song choices were a surprise it was cool and exciting, wondering what they would do next or what song would perfectly express what they were going through. But now it just feels so heavy handed.

Britney and Santana, however, are genius. I just had to end this on a positive note.


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