Ariel Does Food in England: Part 2

So just eating dinner now and I’ve spent a grand total of 7.50 pounds today. That being said, I may be running out to buy some necessities later and possibly a drink or two, but this is about food and I have 16 pounds a day.
This morning, though I get a free breakfast, I wanted to sleep in. Instead, I went to this amazing place called Patisserie Valerie this morning, where they have a deal that’s 2.50 pounds for a morning pastry and any hot drink. I got this almond croissant that had this yummy almond butter inside that was almost like icing—thick, sweet, delicious—along with a café latte. Café Nero where I usually get my coffee in the morning if I need it costs almost the same but offers me no free pastry!
The one thing about Café Nero is that they have a card you get stamped with every purchase, and after ten stamps you get a free drink.
Then for lunch I went back to the sushi place, but this time got salmon teriyaki, which I think gave me a little bit more bang for my buck. The salmon was delicious and it was on top of a bed of rice that had absorbed a lot of the teriyaki sauce. Along with that they give you two spicy fish roles, a salad, a mini spring roll, and a fried fish cake. I got two meals out of this one, while the sushi I only got one. That was 5 pounds!
For dinner I had the rest of my salmon teriyaki. So barely spent any money again, what up!!!

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