An Open Letter to my Favorite Sitcoms

Warning: May contain spoilers for the shows mentioned in the first line of the letter.

Dear favorite sitcoms this week,

That means you Parks and Rec, How I Met Your Mother, and 2 Broke Girls, you are supposed to be making me laugh not tear up, get emotional, or cry like a baby. Come on! Where we you last week when I couldn’t find the right combination of Grey’s Anatomy clips to reduce me to a puddle of tears and mascara?

Parks, first you get Leslie and Ben back together last week and make me tear up with how epic and wondrous their love is. Cool. Then this week you have to go and make Ben quit his job to save Leslie’s? Then make him tell Chris he loves her? Then have Chris tell Leslie to go read the transcript of the conversation because it’s all on record? Then you have Leslie do the same for Ben, show up at his house, and have that old lady read it to him? Oh my god, get out of town. The rest of the episode was pee-your-pants funny (the character witnesses, the creepy portrait, Tammy showing up for an amazing two seconds, etc). But the ending? Stop making me emotional, damn it.

But Parks, you’ve got nothing on 2 Broke Girls and How I Met Your Mother in the emotional department this week. 2 Broke Girls, I’ll admit, I almost started bawling when Max had her private moment saying goodbye to Chestnut and just broke down a little, unable to hide behind her humor. Also, props to your amazing consistency with Max’s shtick to talk to Chestnut/pretend to be him talking back to her. Oh, Max, I adore you.

How I Met Your Mother, you, you were the absolute worst, though. With your cruel fake-out. I really thought that those were Robin and Barney’s kids, and no matter how sad the episode was getting, I clung to that, and then you took it away. And then you made the sweetest ending ever. I was so worried you’d ruin it by having Ted and Robin sleep together again, but you didn’t, you just had this perfect pure, sweet, sad moment.

Thank god The New Girl brought its hilarious this week. Awkward sex scenes with terrible attempts at role-playing. Oh my god, I couldn’t breathe.



4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to my Favorite Sitcoms

    1. Ohhhh conspiracy theory? I love it! It all makes sense now…and thank you! I watch so much of it, I was bound to get addicted to some great ones in the process 🙂

    1. My sentiments exactly! However funny the episode with the model U.N. was, I just wanted them to get back together so they could stop being unhappy and longing and lonely!

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