“Are You There, Chelsea?” Pilot Makes Me Believe Maybe There is a Vodka

The first five minutes of the show made me think I was going to hate it…thank Vodka I continued watching. Chelsea Handler is one of my favorite people in this world, so I want this show to succeed and bring me more Handler induced humor as well as Handler herself playing older sister Sloane. Are You There, Chelsea? is loosely based off of Handler’s life/book Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea, which is a series of stories about Handler’s bizarre and fascinating life.

I thought I was going to hate the show because Laura Prepon’s (That 70’s Show) delivery seemed off to me at first, stiff almost. But as I got used to her delivery, got over the show’s laugh track, and the world Chelsea navigates was laid out for us, I was hooked.

What worked for me:
-Her best friend Olivia. Same style of humor, believable friendship, the flashback scene where Young!Olivia is compared to the pittbull Chelsea never had.
-New roommate Dee Dee who is hilariously odd, but seems to have the potential to actually be friends with the girls, remain herself, and not just be funny because she’s mocked.
-Handler’s infamous crass and blunt humor.
-Handler as Sloane is fantastic–self-righteous, super religious and judgy, but also loving, and witty.
-Chelsea’s father was very amusing.
-The show has a lot of potential for hilarious story-lines–the three roommates (Chelsea, Olivia, and Dee Dee), shenanigans at the bar/the banter between Chelsea and Rick another bartender (he was on Greek! Yay!), Chelsea and her family (Sloane, her father, and new baby niece Sylvia), Chelsea’s dating/sex life, etc. I’m very excited.

Some quotes from the show I loved:

– (On Sloane while giving birth) Chelsea: “Just for the record, you pooped a little while you were pushing.”Sloane blinks a few times, “I know…I did it for you.”
-Sloane: “Vodka is not the Lord.”
Chelsea: “Are you sure? Because both are invisible and have a hand in unexplained pregnancies.”
-Chelsea as she takes Dee Dee’s brownies: “If these have pot in them, I want to marry you and adopt a bi-racial baby.”
-Chelsea: “I’m very influential in the drunk community.”
-Chelsea: “How do you ever get laid?”
Dee Dee: I’m waiting for marriage! Like the Jonas Brothers!”
Olivia: “So you’re a virgin…everywhere?”

All the stuff I initially disliked, I got over. I want more, and I want it now.


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