About the Apathy

Ariel really is an apathetic chipmunk about a lot of things, but not the things that matter like television, film, books, video games, or trivia to name a few. She believes world peace could be achieved if everyone focused their attention on whether or not the endings of Lost or Battlestar Galactica were satisfactory, or speculating on who the mother in question is on How I Met Your Mother. Has anyone ever killed someone in the name of defending the Lost finale? Not that she’s heard of.

Things you’re likely to find here: Awkward situations, thoughts about television, stories about bathrooms, love, food, weird problems, metaphors for life that center around food, a video game on X-box live called 1 vs. 100 that was cancelled but she can’t shut up about, Sporcle, a video game series called Harvest Moon where she pretends to be a farmer (Ariel owns about 30 versions of this game), Pokemon, other animals besides Pokemon, irrational fears, and more.

She also works on another blog Bad Books, Good Times, which you should go check out.

Thanks to hart_curt on flickr for the header image.


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